Help & Instructions

In here you find help and instructions for using the online services of Santa Claus Office conveniently. Please check instructions below and for further information check FAQ section or email us with your further questions to

Downloading My Photos And Video from Santa Claus Office

Please note that the download starts as you click the download link. Note that the HD quality video takes a lot of disk space and time to download, to offer you the best possible quality.

  1.  Use your computer or phone browser to go to website.
  2. Choose “my photos and videos” section.
  3.  Insert your email address and YOUR ELF CODE you got from Santa Claus Office, written in your card, into the sections offered.
  4. Choose if you want to receive marketing messages or not.
  5. Click  “View Images”.
  6. Now you should be able to view teaser of your photos and video and see the links to the original photos on the right.
  7. Clicking the photo and/or video link will start the download automatically to your device.
  8. Photos and videos will download to your computer and you may find them in the sections “downloads” from your computer or other device.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: and we come back with further help as soon as possible.

My Video – How to Download and View Videos From Santa Claus Office

If you have problems to download or view the video on your mobile device, you can to download and play the video to your device by using other app, for example VLC. Please note that you can also always download and play the video by using Windows or OSX or watch the video from the site.

How To Play A Video File From By Using VLC for Android App

You can get “VLC for Android” from the Google Play store by searching “VLC for Android” or from Google Play Store in here .

  1. From “Your photos and videos” page, click the “Video” link. Video will be downloaded, but it might not run on your device. If you want to watch the downloaded video with your device, follow the instructions below:
  2. Open VLC for Android
  3. Click “Video”
  4. Find your video from the list.
  5. Tap the video and watch your meeting with Santa Claus.

How To Download a Video File from On iOS 

Please update your device’s iOS to the newest version and you should be able to download the video file.

If you can’t update your iOS to the newest version, you can get VLC for iOS app from the appstore by searching “VLC for iOS” or from Apple Store in here. When you have the app ready, please follow the instructions below:

  1. From “Your photos and videos” page, tap the “Video” link. Safari will open the video, but it might not start playing. If you want to download the video to your device’s memory, do the following steps.
  2. Tap the “share” -button (a rectangle with a arrow pointing upwards from it).
  3. From the share-menu, tap “Copy”
  4. Open VLC for iOS app.
  5. On VLC app, tap “Network”
  6. On “Network” menu, tap “Downloads”
  7. Paste the url address of the video and tap “Download” and wait for download to finish.
  8. Tap “Video” from the lower left corner of the screen
  9. Tap “Edit” icon from the upper right corner of the screen
  10. Find the video of your meeting with Santa Claus and select it
  11. Tap “Share”-button (a rectangle with a arrow pointing upwards from it) on the lower right corner of the screen.
  12. Tap “Save video”
  13. Video should be now found under the Photos app.