“Nature is dear to my heart; belonging to it and caring for it. I believe that healthy nature is one of the best gifts we can pass on to future generations”

-Santa Claus




Sustainability in Santa Claus Office


Our environmental efforts have been granted the Ecocompass Certificate

For us, environmental responsibility means concrete actions in our own operations. We are committed to saving natural resources and increasing positive environmental impacts. As a demonstration of that, we have been granted the EcoCompass certificate. Read more

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Protecting the environment, people and the local community

The north is our home and we look after it in all our activities. Sustainable operations are close to our heart. We value the fragile nature of Lapland and local communities. In addition to the environment, it is important to us to look after people – our staff and customers alike. We develop our corporate responsibility continuously and seek new ways to improve our operations.

Looking after our personnel

To us, skilled, engaged, motivated, goal-oriented and satisfied personnel are the key. We invest in good management and measures designed to promote commitment to our operating culture. Our HR management is based on compliance with laws and regulations, and we determine our wages on the basis of the applicable collective agreements. It is important to us that our personnel enjoy a sense of well-being at work and leisure, and to ensure this we support sports and other leisure activities.

Looking after our customers

The cornerstone of our operations is to offer everybody an equal chance to  enjoy the experience we provide. We continuously develop our services and products for our customers.

Fostering a balanced relationship with nature

We look after our natural surroundings and strive to foster a balanced relationship with nature. We continuously develop new, environmentally friendly ways of operating. We use green electricity that is generated using 100% water, wind or bioenergy, on all our premises.

Appreciating local heritage

We have been in operation since 1992 – and have always operated locally. We value the local culture and communities. We are one of the attractions in the area. Promoting year-round operations creates the foundations for sustainable development – it enables us to create permanent jobs in the long term, thereby contributing to the region’s tax revenue and well-being. We show our appreciation for the region by paying our taxes in the area where we operate, by hiring locally and by using local service providers.

Towards responsible travel industry

Sustainable Travel Finland is a sustainable tourism program developed by Visit Finland. Companies that have completed the program and meet the demanding criteria are recognized with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label takes into account the economic, ecological, social and cultural sustainability of tourism companies and destinations. We have Sustainable Travel Finland label.

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Sustainable Travel Finland label.