Frequently asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is Santa Claus Office open?

A: Santa Claus and his elves welcome you to his office every day of the year; exact opening hours may be found here.

Q: Does it cost something to meet Santa?

A: No, meeting Santa is free every day of the year; more info here.

Q: Where is Santa Claus Office and how can I get there?

A: Santa Claus Office is located in Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle, Lapland; 8 km from Rovaniemi city centre; more info here.

Q: Can I take photos? 

A: To keep the magic alive, using your own cameras, phones and other recording gadgets is prohibited; however our photographer elf if ready to capture your visit and meeting with Santa in photos and video; your photos you may find later here .

Q: Where can I get my photos and videos?

A: Our elves are ready to show you your photos and videos right after your visit; you may preview them right away and get your own right there and online later on.

Q: Do I need to book my visit with Santa beforehand?

A: No, you don’t need to book time; nevertheless, if you are a big family or group, we recommend you to let us know so our elves can better prepare a convenient visit for you and others, especially during the busy Christmas season; you can email us to  For group bookings please also e-mail us to

Q: Can I take my pets with me? 

A: Everyone, even our hairy friends, are more than welcome to visit Santa Claus.

Q: Is Santa Claus Office Accessible by wheelchair?

A: Yes, Santa Claus Office is accessible with wheelchair too and we do our best to accommodate everyone’s need.

Q: I would like to interview Santa Claus, is that possible and how?

A: Media are more than welcome to Santa Claus Office; please book your special media visit in advance, email us directly

Q: How do I view and download photos and videos?

A: You can view and download your photos and video from our website with just a few clicks. Please see instructions and further help for downloading the content in here.

Q: How can I view my photos and video purchased previously?

A: As long as you have your elf code card that you got from Santa Claus Office, you can view and download your purchased photos and video in the “My photos and video” section. Follow the instructions and see more information in here.