Welcome to the world of the Elves! Now you too have the chance to join our team. Santa’s Elf Club is the Elves’ own club where you can join the adventures of Ferdie the Elf and Flippie the Elf. With company like this, you cannot avoid learning to be Elfish!

Over a number of centuries, the tales and skills of the Elves have been passed down through the generations, but now by joining Santa’s Elf Club, you and your family are given the opportunity to become part of the Elf fairy tale. You will be able to enjoy the Christmas spirit through joy, warmth and fun throughout the 12 months of the year.

The content for Santa’s Elf Club has been designed specifically for kids and the young at heart. It provides encouragement for spending time together. Each month the Club’s Elves publish a video that can be viewed on your computer or mobile devices. You will receive a notification about new videos by email.