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Certainly everybody knows Santa Claus. He is the old good will ambassador that has travelled the world for Centuries, bringing presents people around Christmas. Santa doesn’t tell much about the many secrets of Christmas, but there is something that we can tell You.



The original home of Santa Claus was at Korvatunturi, the Ear Fjell, as it is sometimes called and It’s been there for as long as Santa can remember. About a hundred years ago the word spread with the helpof a certain uncle Markus about the whereabouts of this magical place. Soon people from near and far travelled there to look for Santa and his home. This of course was impossible because Santa’s home has always been the most secret place on earth.


The old man did not want to dissapoint his friends and thus about a hundred years ago he visited Rovaniemi for the first time to meet his friends. Santa liked the Capital of Lapland and declared: ”Rovaniemi shall be the meeting place for all the friends of Christmas and Santa Claus. At Rovaniemi You can meet me every day at my office.” And so Rovaniemi became the Official hometown of Santa Claus.



Santa has dedicated his life to bringing up kindess and taking care of children’s rights. Enjoying and cherishing nature is very iportant to Santa. Maybe the most recognizible feature of Santa is his skill to evoke happiness.


Hundreds of millions of people thoughout the world dream of meeting Santa on Christmas. Through these pages you can start your counter visit to meet the nicest man in the world. Welcome to the Santa Claus Office on any day of the year.



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